Mapping the Landscape of Quantum Education


If you’re fascinated by Quantum Computing, or just frustrated by it, you’re in the right domain! QMap, the outcome of a project at QWorld, is a comprehensive and curated collection of resources aiming to help you in the understanding of all things QC. Quantum Computing is an emerging field with vast applications in every area of life imaginable. Since the second quantum revolution is unfolding now, QMap aims to help anyone willing to be a part of it. We have both technical and non-technical resources, depending on your background, that can help you pick up the skills you may need to create your own quantum circuits in the future. Whether you’re here to learn, to teach, or just because you’re angry at Schrodinger's treatment of his cats, we hope QMap can be your guide in moving forward.

Quantum Computing

From the numerous resources online, we picked the ones that we thought were best to learn more about quantum computing and apply it in different areas. On this page, you will find detailed blogs, courses that you can take, certifications that you can get, videos that you can watch, and hackathons you can be part of to sharpen your coding skills.

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